In the pastel mountains of southern Arizona, David Voisard creates works of art that are collected the world over. From his design studio, humorous life sized sculptures are designed, welded, polished and then delivered to Tucson shopping malls, private collections, and museums. Hand carved winery doors and custom presentations for wine collections are shipped to Napa Valley or the New York auction houses. Steel dog sculptures are FedExed to art collectors from Seattle to Miami. And personalized, hand cut steel hearts are shipped as gifts for clients anywhere the postal folks trek.

For over twenty five years David has been finding elegant design solutions using fine woods and a variety of metals. An expert at marrying form to function with an infusion of wit, his collectors are recognizing that fine craft can be joined to humor in the creation of one of a kind works of art.

From his design studio, fine art is created, commissions are executed, and books are illustrated all with a unique style of the artist/craftsman.

Feel free to contact him regarding any personal want for sculpture, fine furniture, or illustration.